Welcome to, We are honored to have you as part of our growing Community. We believe all Women should have access to the materials and resources to assist them with their self development, uncovering the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, we strive to impact many with setting a foundation of knowledge and empowerment for Women to take and apply within their own unique story. Our mission is to assist Women who want to change and transform their lives to embrace the better version of themselves through the mind body & spirit. Wifie Materials was founded in 2007, but has since relaunched and changed a decade later and was re-birthed in December 2017.


From our Wisdom, and what most Women seek, we focus on...





















The phrase or term we hear all the time, "Wifey Material" or she's my wifey. Somewhere along the line, this was accepted, but not completely understood by many. This title made many Women feel entitled or in another form on top, number one, or the first choice in their relationships, but in most cases they were still treated unfairly.


We believe all Women are natural nurturers who deserve to be treated with respect regardless of their story their past or current situation, With the right guidance and encouragement to love thy self first, and becoming more aligned with our physical, financial, occupational, social, environmental, emotional, spiritual and, intellectual well being transformation happens.


Wifie Materials is here to connect those who seek and those who serve HER Wellness both online and offline. 



If it’s your first time here, we know all of the information can be overwhelming, so we curated this page, with some of our very best links and resources.



Building a community of like-minded Women.


Encourage, and assist Women in healing to push past their fears.  


Provide materials, for the mind, body and spirit for her personal growth


Being that connect for women to seek their truth.


Toni Yolanda Allen

Founder & Creative Director


Toni Yolanda Allen is a Wellness Advocate, a Divine Creator, visionary and a Mother of three. She's on a Mission to encourage Women to become the better version of themselves. Her many epiphany moments, dark moments and the desire to change her World was the catalyst for her Personal Growth. She pushed past her fears for a new beginning and brought her business that was silenced for a decade back to life on a deeper level. She strives to encourage other Women that their visions are possible, and with the right mindset and obtaining the knowledge and applying the Wisdom in the Eight Dimension of Wellness - Her internal vision, happiness and balance is achievable. 


If you're curious to know more about her ongoing personal journey tune in and listen to her podcast Soul Surge - The Words That Speak. You can also vibe with her on Instagram @mstoniyolanda


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We post current events, inspirational content, and links to our favs on our facebook page. We are a growing community, with amazing Women and we'd love you to be apart on it.  We love great visuals, so of course, Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of inspiration. For us, the beauty of Wifie Materials is the connections we make along the way with different women from all walks of life and the ability to connect women with valuable resources to assist them on their journey.



Our blog features articles and posts relating to personal development mixed with short stories and other inspirational content, Your Holistic Wellness is very important to us, our goal is to provide you with information that means well, You'll find many articles written by many Women from all walks of life. We accept articles from Women who have a story they want to share,  Guest authors are always welcome to submit - If you are interested please check out our Write For Us Page for more details. 



We are always excited to collaborate with other Wellness Professionals, and Holistic product manufactures - If you think this is you and you can offer our Women visitors a product or service - Click Here

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On the go? and love podcasts tune in and listen to Soul Surge - The Words That Speak with Yolanda on your favorite podcast app

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